Check available dates

Please look to the right side of this page and click on availability to see and book your stay.

During the later autumn, winter and early spring, it is more possible to book one day at a time…towards summer and during summer, it is generally set for two or more day bookings…(yet, please always check for one-night, if that is desired).  After you look to the right side of this page (as stated above) you will see the Suites available for your time-frame.  As you decide to select a Suite, all you do is place a “1” in the area connected to that Suite (rather than the current “0”, you just place a “1” in order to proceed further)…Hope this helps.  Please email or call us, if you have questions.

Also, if you book through the website, there is a special…if you stay 2 nights up to 7 nights, you receive $15/night off…Also, please see our Post about the annual specials in October and from the end of November to end of December, if you are going on the train in Elbe…we look forward to making your stay excellent…

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